• Injection Moulds For Spoons

    Injection Moulds For Spoons

    Injection moulds for spoons are used to produce plastic spoons. The process involved is relatively simple. You will need to buy some materials and mould components, and then you can process them in a plastic injection machine. Among the materials that are commonly used to make plastic spoons is PP.... read more

    Nov 04,2022 Industry News
  • Pet Blow Molds

    Pet Blow Molds

    Injection-stretch blow molding Injection-stretch pet blow molding machines have two basic processes: Single stage and double stage processes. Both methods utilize a series of three or four station machines to complete the process. The single stage process is the most common type of PET stretch ... read more

    Oct 28,2022 Industry News
  • Types of Pet Moulds

    Types of Pet Moulds

    If you're interested in sourcing PET preforms, I it's imperative to work with a reputable manufacturer. While recycled PET materials are available, they cannot be added to your preforms in large enough quantities. You should also consider mould temperature and cooling speed, as low temperatures o... read more

    Oct 20,2022 Industry News
  • Choosing Pet Plastic Blow Molds

    Choosing Pet Plastic Blow Molds

    Choosing Pet Plastic Blow Molds The problems associated with compressed air in PET blow molding are mostly related to cleanliness. This is especially important, because the high-pressure air that is used in the process comes into contact with beverages and beverage containers. For this reason, compr... read more

    Oct 16,2022 Industry News
  • The Process of Plastic Household Moulding

    The Process of Plastic Household Moulding

    The process of plastic household moulding involves putting a resin or liquid into a mould. The mould is then rotated at high speeds until the liquid covers the entire surface. The plastic then cools in the mould to form a hollow object. The finished object is then removed from the mould. This proc... read more

    Oct 09,2022 Industry News