• Designing a 5 GALLON CAP MOULD

    Designing a 5 GALLON CAP MOULD

    When designing a CAP MOULD, consider how the cap will be unscrewed. The method of unscrewing depends on features of the cap that are not inherent to the product. The unscrewing method must be indicated on the cap drawing. The cap is unscrewed by either a stripper ring, which holds the cap off the co... read more

    Jul 09,2022 Industry News
  • What Are the Features of a Preform Mould?

    What Are the Features of a Preform Mould?

    The main components of a Preform Mould are made of steel S136 or P20. The steel is hardened at a temperature of HRC45-48 by a German vacuum stove. Several machine tools imported from Japan and America are used in the production process. The main feature of a perform mould is its accuracy and precisi... read more

    Jul 03,2022 Industry News
  • Using a Blow Mould

    Using a Blow Mould

    When using a BLOW MOULD, it is important to understand the various variables involved. The design of the product is very important, as each half of the mold creates its own unique shape. The process has many variables, including air leaks, flash, streaks, and wall thinning. Quality control is an ess... read more

    Jun 25,2022 Industry News
  • Designing a Cap Mould

    Designing a Cap Mould

    Designing a Cap Mould: What are the key aspects to consider? This article will cover the main design elements for bottle caps. We'll also discuss the various unscrewing systems: Cold runner, Slider, and more. Once you've selected the right design for your product, you'll be on your way to making it ... read more

    Jun 18,2022 Industry News
  • How Do Hot Runner Moulds Work?

    How Do Hot Runner Moulds Work?

    In order to improve the quality of plastic products, a HOT RUNNER MOULD is an important component of a moulding machine. These machines are often equipped with a double cone positioning principle, which ensures high manufacturing precision. In addition, experienced designers work to optimize preform... read more

    Jun 10,2022 Industry News