• The Five Aspects of a Bottle Cap Mould

    The Five Aspects of a Bottle Cap Mould

    A bottle cap mould is a tool designed to create a molded plastic product. It is important to choose a mould that fits your production needs, but also has a flexible design. The hump or groove in the core is a design element in a cap mould. The hump or groove will be used to push the plastic material... read more

    Feb 10,2022 Industry News
  • About Hengxin Mould Team

    About Hengxin Mould Team

    The Hengxin mould team will analyse the design and sample you provided to ensure that your plastic cap will meet your specifications. Our experienced plastic cap mould makers will consider the following five aspects when making your mould: (a) The design must be easy to use and (b) will have a high... read more

    Jan 27,2022 Industry News
  • Blow Mould For Shaping Bottle

    Blow Mould For Shaping Bottle

    A blow mould for shaping bottle uses air pressure to produce a bottle. This process produces a parison, which is a vertical tube made from plastic that allows compressed air to pass through it. The mold is made up of two parts, and the parison is inserted into the neck section. The blow pin is inser... read more

    Jan 22,2022 Industry News
  • Preform Hot Runner Mould From Hengxin, Zhejiang

    Preform Hot Runner Mould From Hengxin, Zhejiang

    A PET Preform Mould can be manufactured at our facility in one location. Our mould is based on latest technological developments and in consultation with the European mould style. This type of PET preform mould can accommodate more than 2.5 million injections and has a Moldflow analysis to reduce th... read more

    Jan 15,2022 Industry News
  • Choosing a Flip Cap Mould

    Choosing a Flip Cap Mould

    When it comes to plastic flip caps, quality is very important. You should get a mould that will guarantee a good result, so you need to pay attention to all the details. A good flip top cap mould will be very durable and high-quality. You should also look for precision processing and automatic flipp... read more

    Jan 09,2022 Industry News