The Choice of Parting Surface of Plastic Bottle Cap Mould

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The Choice of Parting Surface of Plastic Bottle Cap Mould

27 Jul 2018

Plastic Cap Mould  are plastic parts that are everywhere in everyday life. There are many styles and colors of plastic bottle caps, but the commonly used beverage bottle caps have a non-slip rib on the inside of the cylinder. The plastic parts are ma...

What Causes The Rust On The Plastic Cap Mold

25 Jul 2018

The Plastic Cap Mold market is a market with huge demand, multiple market segments, and competitive pressure. More and more manufacturers have joined the plastic bottle cap mould market, and diversified and differentiated plastic bottle caps are cons...

Bottle Plastic Cap Mould Material Selection Principle

20 Jul 2018

Because plastic caps have the characteristics of strong plasticity, low density, high specific strength, high bonding strength, high chemical stability, and diverse appearance, they are loved by more and more manufacturers and people. The choice of m...

Injection Molding Process Of Injection Mold

17 Jul 2018

Injection mold is a tool for producing plastic products; it is also a tool that gives the complete structure and precise dimensions of plastic products.  Injection Mould  is a processing method used in the mass production of certain complex shapes. S...

Some Suggestions On Solving Flow Mark Pattern Of Injection Mold

12 Jul 2018

In the process of producing the product, the injection mold often encounters a flow mark phenomenon (also called a cold spot) near the gate. In particular, the method of pouring into a large nozzle is particularly evident. Of course, if this is not t...

The Main Reason For The Early Retirement Of Injection Mould

10 Jul 2018

As a tool for producing plastic products, Injection Mould  have been subjected to high temperature and high pressure for a long time, and the corrosive impact of plastic materials has had a certain influence on the life of molds. The life of the inje...

Injection Mould Should Fully Consider the Production Cycle of the Product

05 Jul 2018

Plastic products have a production cycle during injection molding. The production cycle of a product refers to the time taken for the plastic product to be injected from the injection mold to the injection molding machine . Injection Mould  opening a...

Medium and Low Injection Molds Are Not Conducive to Corporate Development

03 Jul 2018

At present, China's Injection Molds are mainly medium and low-grade molds, which account for a large proportion. There are also some high-end molds, mainly concentrated in large companies or directly imported. Among them, middle and low-grade injecti...

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