96-CAVITY preform moulds are an ideal choice for moulding soft and hard plastics

Summary: 96-CAVITY preform moulds are an ideal choice for moulding soft and hard plastics, including PET. These moulds have a hi...
96-CAVITY preform moulds are an ideal choice for moulding soft and hard plastics, including PET. These moulds have a high-strength core plate, a back plate, and a guide pillar. They are also available with a wide variety of neck finishes.
Various neck finishes are possible
Various neck finishes are possible with a 96-CAVITY Preform Mould. The method of making preforms includes the steps of injecting the first thermoplastic material into a first mold section and forming a substantially crystallized neck portion on a first set of cores. The second thermoplastic material is then injected into the second mold section to form an amorphous body forming portion on a second set of cores.
This method provides cost-effective manufacturing of preforms with thermal-resistant neck finishes. The crystallized neck portion is formed from a monolayer of polyethylene terephthalate (CPET), a thermoplastic polymer sold by Eastman Chemical. It is then surrounded by virgin PET melt from the inner and outer layers.
Core plate, back plate, and guide pillar
During the assembly process of a 96-CAVITY preform mould, the orientation of the core plate, back plate, and guide pillar is modified to accommodate the insert block that is carried on the respective mold base. This can be done in parallel with the design process. This can result in a molded part with optimized flow properties.
The core plate has dimensions of 96 x 126 mm. It is manufactured from a material that has a thinkness of 14.4 mm. The chamfer on the lead-in side facilitates mold installation. There are sixteen holes for injection pins. The guide pins are made of material 1.7131 and have a diameter of 10 mm.
GDXL Precise Machinery
GDXL Precise Machinery 96-CAVITY Preform Mould is a product of GDXL Precise Machinery Co., Ltd., a leading engineering solutions provider for PET packaging industry. GDXL provides professional engineering solutions, including preform moulds, cap compression moulds, hot runners, molds and other related equipment. These products are widely used in household industry, cosmetic industry, beverage industry, condiment industry and so on.
GDXL Precise Machinery is a high-tech enterprise, registered capital is RMB 50 million. Its production base covers over 25, 000 square meters, and it is equipped with more than 300 sets of advanced machining equipment. This facility also includes a vacuum heat treatment facility and a complex cylindrical grinding center. The facility is a member of CNAS and has passed CNAS certification.
Among the many closures manufactured by Corvaglia is the 96-CAVITY preform mould. It is a one-step process to make closures made from one-component HDPE. This machine enables Corvaglia to make 80 billion closures a year. It has a 320 mm injection stroke and 600 ton clamp force. It is an efficient, one-step process to make one-component HDPE closures. It is the first of its kind to be introduced by Corvaglia.
The 96-CAVITY preform mould is not the only piece of equipment Corvaglia has acquired to enhance product quality. In 2010, the company opened a state-of-the-art design and test center in Eschlikon, Switzerland. It has acquired several sources of water, including the well-known TAE 051 from MTA/SRC, Italy, and the aptly named HPET1 from Hankinson.
Roders Tec
Using the roders Tec 96-CAVITY preform mould is a whole lotta fun, and a lot less expensive than going to a mold maker for a custom mold. Aside from the aforementioned novelty, it has been a joy to watch the latest and greatest polyurethanes hit the ol' assembly line. The molds are easy to clean and maintain, and the preforms themselves are a cinch to replace. Unlike many other preform makers, the company provides a full warranty on its products, and has a dedicated technical support staff. The company also has a robust research and development program, and is constantly working to enhance its offerings in the ever-changing world of polyurethanes.