What should we pay attention to when maintaining injection molds in production?


In production, the state of the mold determines the qua […]

In production, the state of the mold determines the quality of the product. Therefore, we must pay attention to the maintenance of injection molds. Next, the editor will take a look at the precautions for maintenance of injection molds.

1. Each injection mold used in production should be equipped with a "resume card", which records in detail the information of the injection mold and records of maintenance and damage, so as to know which components of the mold have been replaced and which parts have been damaged. It provides reference for subsequent maintenance, and can also understand the molding process and raw materials of this mold, so as to reduce the time of mold trial operation and improve production efficiency.


2. Regularly inspect the important parts of the injection mold: the injection prefabricated parts can control the opening and closing of the mold and the injection of the plastic parts. If this part is damaged, it will cause the production to stop. Therefore, the mold thimble and positioning pins should be lubricated regularly and checked Whether the mold thimble, positioning pin and other parts are damaged, once the damage is found, it needs to be disassembled and replaced immediately, so as not to affect the normal production work; after a production cycle, the upper surface of the injection mold and other components should be coated with anti-rust agent, Attention should also be paid to check the ductility and tensile strength of the roller bearing parts and spring parts with the transmission gears and rack molds, and to maintain them regularly to ensure the normal operation of the parts during the production process; Over time, the refrigeration channel will easily deposit some stains, rust, silt, algae, etc., which will make the cross section of the refrigeration channel smaller, which will make the refrigeration outlet smaller and reduce the heat exchange between the refrigerant and the injection mold. This will increase the cost of production. Therefore, the refrigeration channel should be paid attention to and regular maintenance and cleaning; in addition, continuous electric heaters and rod-shaped electric heaters for injection molds are required after each production cycle. The heating and thermal resistance and other components should be inspected, and the measurement should be carried out with a voltmeter. If a component is found to be damaged, it should be disassembled and replaced in time, and records should be made so that problems can be discovered and repaired in time.

3. The surface of the injection mold should be maintained regularly. If you are not careful, it will affect the performance of the product produced. The surface maintenance of injection molds is mainly anti-rust. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable and high-quality anti-rust oil, which is very important.

After the mold is working, different molds should be cleaned in different ways. Copper rods, copper core wires and mold cleaning agents can be used to clean the remaining raw materials and other deposits in the mold, and then dry it. Do not use iron wires. Treat hard objects such as stainless steel wire to prevent damage to the surface of the injection mold.