What details should be paid attention to when processing injection molds?


Injection mold processing is a very complicated process […]

Injection mold processing is a very complicated process, involving expertise in physics, chemistry, etc., so we need to pay special attention, otherwise accidents will produce many defects, which will affect the normal processing effect of plastic parts. Do you need special attention during the processing of injection molds?
Injection speed

The rate of injection has a major impact on the final appearance quality of the product. The injection speed generally needs to be adjusted per unit time to achieve the fuel supply to the injection cylinder.

Molding cycle

It also includes injection time and product cooling time, and effective control of these times has a profound impact on the quality of the product. Before the two-color mold manufacturer, before injection molding, we should clean the molding cycle by means of sample design.

Barrel temperature and melt temperature

The melt temperature can be measured at the nozzle or measured using an air jet, which has a significant impact on the melt flow properties. Plastics do not have a specific melting point. The melting point is the temperature range in the molten state. The temperature control products of both have the same quality and it plays a vital role.

Melting injection pressure

Plastics face great resistance in filling the cavity, which makes the injection pressure directly determine the size, weight, density, appearance, etc. of the product! Affecting any of these factors, the product will become a waste product.
This requires a reasonable definition of injection pressure control based on the comprehensive factors of the product.