What are the mold design steps?


Mold design refers to the digital design of the enterpr […]

Mold design refers to the digital design of the enterprise mold. A mold is an industrial product that shapes a material in a certain manner in a specific structure. So what are the mold design steps?

First, to carry out product feasibility analysis, to independently analyze the product drawings, it is to ensure the correctness of each product drawing before the mold design, so that you can familiarize yourself with the product parts, which is very important in the mold design.

Second, choose the appropriate mold structure, and carry out the process of the product to ensure that the content of each process can be carried out according to the product drawings. This step is the most important. If you do well, you can save a lot of time in drawing the mold diagram.

Third, according to the drawings for the preparation of materials, first of all in the drawings, the template size, directly in accordance with the product development map for the preparation of materials, so that the drawing template is a great benefit, if you directly calculate the product map to prepare materials, This work is too inefficient.

Fourth, after the material preparation is completed, the mold drawing can be fully entered, and a part of the preparation drawing can be made out, and the components can be drawn, such as adding screw holes, guide post holes, positioning holes, etc., and punching. The hole in the hole mold needs to be cut by the wire. In the molding die, the forming gap of the upper and lower molds must not be forgotten, so the mold drawing of one product after the completion of these work is almost completed 80%, and the mold is drawn. In the process of the drawing, it should be noted that each process refers to the production, such as the workman's scribing, wire cutting, etc., to complete the processing of different layers, which has great advantages for wire cutting and drawing management, such as color distinction. Etc., the dimensioning is also a very important job, but also the most troublesome work, because it is a waste of time.