Tips for mold maintenance


1. The mold storage environment should be kept clean, v […]

1. The mold storage environment should be kept clean, ventilated, dry, and dust-free. It is best to arrange a separate storage room and storage site to facilitate mold management.

2. Do not place the mold in direct contact with the ground to prevent the contact surface between the mold and the ground from being corroded by water. It is better to have a mold base.

3. Full-time personnel should be responsible for the storage and management of the mold, and organize irregularly to ensure the quality of the mold.

4. The molds should be placed in different categories, and the parts of the mold should be rust-proofed. Each mold should be stored separately, including the injection molded part, blow molded part, core rod, core rod seat and baffle, positioning block, stripping template, etc.

5. Protect the forming part of the mandrel and the mating surface of the neck block from scratches and damage. It is recommended that the mandrel be wrapped separately when not in use, and the neck block accessories must be wrapped in pairs to avoid damage to the parting surface.

6. Before the mold production is over, the inlet and outlet of the cooling water should be turned off in sequence, and the continuous production of 10 molds should be stopped (to prevent condensation water on the mold surface when the humidity in the production workshop is high, causing mold corrosion).

7. After the mold is shut down, spray anti-rust agent and clean the surface of the mold in time. The mold should be closed in place after a short-term shutdown.

8. After the mold completes the production task, take different methods to carefully remove the residual injection molding according to different injection materials. The cavity can be cleaned with copper hooks and professional mold cleaning agents to remove the residual injection molding and other deposits in the mold. Use if there are rust spots. The grinder grinds and polishes, and sprays with professional anti-rust oil.

9. After the mold production is finished, remove the remaining water in the cooling water hole of the cavity in time, so as to prevent the cooling water hole from being fouled and blocking after long-term storage and affecting the cooling effect