Simple 4 teaches you how to choose a good mold factory


(1) Which kind of mold factory cooperation is better? A […]

(1) Which kind of mold factory cooperation is better?

At present, many foreign-funded, Taiwan-funded, Hong Kong-funded, and domestic private mold factories are available for selection; the advantages and disadvantages of various qualified mold factories are as follows:

a. Foreign-funded mold factory management specifications, process improvement, service awareness, quality and service are guaranteed; but high cost of management, means that mold opening costs will be relatively high; if you pay attention to product quality assurance, the company In the case of strong financial strength, it is recommended that the first choice is a large-scale foreign mold factory! However, in the reality of the industry, the large-scale foreign-funded mold factories generally have fixed foreign customers, and they are less likely to face orders from domestic enterprises. Even if they are receiving orders from domestic enterprises, they often align with the international market and the international market. Domestic finished products are unbearable, and a set of sophisticated large-scale automobile models are hundreds of thousands of dollars and millions of yuan. This is also the direct cause of many domestic finished products companies to be discouraged!

b. Most of the domestic private mold factories were founded by the first batch of people who entered foreign-funded enterprises to work and contact the mold industry after China's reform and opening up. It is regarded as a rising star in the mold industry. Such enterprises have a congenital biggest advantage because The cost of materials and the cost of management are low. The price of molds and the price of products are definitely cheaper than those of foreign-funded, Taiwan-funded and Hong Kong-funded enterprises, and they often attract the attention of many mold purchasers.

(2) Looking for a large-scale mold factory cooperation is better?

Large, medium or small?

In this regard, the individual feels that depending on the situation, if you are single from the factory scale, you will definitely choose the larger the better, because the scale is big and powerful, and the complete set is good! The size of the scale also indirectly reflects the high and low degree of choice by customers! On the other hand, the larger the scale, the higher the management cost, and the price advantage will not be obvious. The price of a large foreign-funded mold factory is simply unacceptable, even beyond our offer to customers. cost. Whether the mold factory of your choice regards you as an important customer, that is, whether it is important to you, this is very important. In fact, looking for a supplier is like looking for an object, but also paying attention to the door, if your own company is not strong. The purchase volume is not big, blindly choose large-scale mold factory cooperation, sometimes the money spent on people still do not take you as one thing, at present, many large mold factories are not responsible for the small orders or are not responsible for In this state of mind, because you can't reach their requirements in terms of order amount or order quantity, it will give you the feeling of taking a hot face to touch people's cold butt, hahaha! This metaphor may not be appropriate, but it is also more relevant and realistic.

In this case, most people will choose small and medium-sized mold factories. In fact, everyone in the industry is now doing this. After all, the price of molds and products is more acceptable, and the superiors have a good explanation. But soon you will find that the worrying thing is coming again. Can the mold be completed on time and in good quality? What is the mass production of the mold? What is the life of the mold? At this point, it is recommended that you pay attention to the basic common sense, that is, you must choose the complete equipment, which is what we usually call the "five complete" mold factory, that is, must have the matching precision CNC machining center, slow wire cutting, EDM mirror Spark machine, high-speed high-precision injection molding machine, three-dimensional, two-dimensional measuring instrument and other important equipment for mold processing, production and testing, this must be the key to the evaluation and final selection; because if there is no such equipment, This means that the mold factory needs to look for outward processing in the mold manufacturing and production process. There are three main adverse consequences:

Increase the cost of your mold opening and increase the cost;

Second, it is time for the mold factory to repeatedly communicate and coordinate the transfer of the workpiece during the outsourcing process. It will lengthen the cycle of the mold, which will easily lead to delays in the mold and product. Although the relevant delay clauses will be indicated in the purchase agreement or contract. However, in the event of a delay, the fines will not make up for the reality and long-term losses of the enterprise. It will make the purchasing staff sit on the needles and be chased by the blood of the dog every day. It is called a wolf;

The most terrible thing is the third point. The entire process of outward processing of the mold factory cannot be monitored in a timely manner. The processing is often a roadside processing store with only one or two second-hand equipment smaller than the mold factory. “Standardized management , process control, quality awareness, etc. "Everything is a cloud!" Many molds that look good at the end will be scrapped, run, and even scrapped in advance due to the sloppy, barbaric operation, repeated welding, and other means and processing methods of these roadside processing shops. It is not energy production at all! Can't afford to hurt! Therefore, I caution you not to blindly discuss the low price and the bad mold manufacturers!

(3) How to effectively reduce the cost of purchasing molds?

Personally, I first need to know the amount of expected orders for new products to the marketing staff. Is it huge? In the development review stage of new products, if the order quantity is not expected to reach 500,000 or more, it is recommended not to harden the mold and directly open the soft mold, which is what we usually call the test mold. The cost of the soft mold is low, if the market reacts poorly. It saves some unnecessary costs of opening the hard mold; if the sales market of the later products is opened and the demand for products increases sharply, the second set of hard molds can be opened at any time during the first set of mass production. It is the copying of the mold, which does not affect the production and shipment progress of the product. Another obvious advantage is that the mold factory will summarize a set of design and production experience during the first mold opening process. When the experience is applied to the second set of molds, there will be a lot of room for improvement. Even if you don't ask for it, the mold factory will undoubtedly take the initiative to do it, because they will take less detours and copy the mold. More tend to be perfect and perfect; on the other hand, if the unknown product is expected to be ordered from the beginning of the product project, it will only increase your mold at least 1/3. Cost; in addition, the mold cost needs to be taken into account in the engineering design stage. For example, the steel material used as the core of S136H, NAK80, etc., and the selection of the fine nozzle die, etc., will increase the cost of the mold to varying degrees. Except where the product requirements are high or the customer specifies which materials are required to be used.

(4) Finally, in order to choose the right mold factory, we must pay attention to the following points:

a. Never blindly believe in low purchase prices. As the saying goes: a penny is worth the price. The low price is often hidden behind some traps that are not known to us, or shoddy. Or cut corners, you must know that any mold factory he has to pay rent to pay for water and electricity to raise workers and make profits?

b. I would like to find a well-equipped mold factory, preferably a Taiwan-funded or Hong Kong-funded, medium-sized and above mold factory. I once had a lesson in this year when I was making purchases, because of the price. I chose a small domestic mold factory. There are only a few dozen people in the whole mold department. There is no CNC in the whole factory. Other mechanical equipment is not complete. The only few equipments are some old and patchwork. The equipment, the later result is that the mold was opened by them, but the tinkering was not energy-producing at the end, and my colleague from the engineering department used to work hard with a few wanted, I myself. Also because of the development of this mold factory and deducted all the performance bonuses of the month, it is really an unbearable look! ! ! (The experience that I still know so clearly is hard to forget. Until I found a medium-sized Hong Kong-owned factory called Hongying Precision Plastic Mould, the cooperation turned smoothly. I slowly blamed the failure experience and the boss. Going out of my eyes)

c. Finally, it is recommended that you select the mold factory to integrate the conditions and characteristics of the respective factories. After an objective evaluation of the needs of the various departments of the company in terms of the positioning of the molds and products, a reasonable choice may be achieved. effect!