Related introduction of automobile mold design


The mold is an essential component of the stamping proc […]

The mold is an essential component of the stamping process. According to the different functions and processes, the automotive mold can be divided into deep drawing molds, trimming punching molds, trimming molds, and shaping molds. Deep drawing molds are the basis of subsequent molds. , Concave mold, positioning device and other aspects to introduce automotive mold design methods.

Punch design
The design of the punch includes the production of the punch of the anti-collision beam and the production of the profile part. In the design of the punch, it should be stretched upwards from the anti-collision beam shape into a rectangular parallelepiped, and the convex model surface should be corrected, and the design of the weight-reducing hole and the installation position of the guide plate should be made to obtain the deep drawing punch body. In the design of the profile part, the production steps are the same as the design steps of the punch, and the profile is cut with the stretch parting line to form the profile.

Car grill mould

Die design
In order to achieve the purpose of weight reduction, when making the deep drawing die of the automobile anti-collision beam, a rectangular parallelepiped can be drawn upward with the middle profile face, and the concave die is trimmed in the direction of the drawing parting line to obtain the obtained profile Boolean subtraction is performed with the rectangular parallelepiped to obtain the frame of the anti-collision beam drawing die, and on this basis, the frame is hollowed out. At the same time, part of the ribs are added inside the die to obtain the die body.

Pressure core design
When designing the core mold, you should first create a cuboid of a certain size, determine the outer contour of the stretched profile, and operate the cuboid with the cuboid and Boolean subtraction to create the core ejector device. Who will carry out the top plate and rod of the lower die, and finally get the design plan of the pressing core.