Next is my experience in mold production and manufacturin


Plastic molds have evolved from simple surface processi […]

Plastic molds have evolved from simple surface processing to all-round processing of surface and structural surfaces, from low-to-medium-speed processing to high-speed processing, and the development of processing automation control is very rapid. The clamping force must be sufficient.
At present, many plastic molds made of plastic molds are exquisite and exquisite.
In order to better the mold quality level, you must also pay attention to these when making plastic molds. Next is my experience in mold production and manufacturing. Let me share it with everyone.
1. The mold must be installed with side locks (straight cylinder locks) on all four sides.
If side locks cannot be installed, finish locks or cone locks must be installed.
The finish lock should be installed horizontally.
2. The row position must be accurately positioned.
Precise positioning methods include wave beads and standardized row position clamps. In fact, they must be in accordance with the regulations of each new project.
The rows must have decorative strips and wear-resistant steel.
Insufficient purity of decorative strips and stainless steel plates
The first level: Hollow fiber membrane: Hollow fiber membrane removes all kinds of visible dust and residues in drinking water.
Wear-resistant steel must be applied with wear-resistant high hardness, and oil tank must be added.
3, the basic structure of the mold must be laid out, the two sides must be ground off, the small mold pre-stressed tension, the large mold pre-stressed tension -.
4. The outer surface of the mold blank must be maintained during the whole production process to avoid rust and scratches.
Before moving the mold and packaging, the core mold must be sprayed with milky white or no color anti-rust oil, and the surface of all molds must be cleaned and tidy, and then coated with unsalted butter.

5. There must be no bevel on the mold, it must be rounded.
Very outside of the indicated area.
The diameter of the precise positioning ring must conform to the engineering drawing, and the connection method and location of the top rod must conform to the engineering drawing.
Sixth, the mold blank guide pin guide bushing needs to process the exhaust pipe groove, and China's import of mold CNC lathes will continue to prevent the guide pillar and guide bush from damaging in a short time. Try to prevent the use of an electric grinder to polish the mold. If you must use an electric grinder to process, be sure to use edible oil to save light (very much for the analysis surface.
7. All screws and mold parts need standard parts, and the screw heads cannot be sawed off.
The length of the screw lock must be sufficient, everything is normal or yes; for the lower mold base, a prying hole must be made in the middle of the plate; all the templates of the over mold base including the mold thimble must be made prying holes between the plates.
8. The inclined top seat must be abrasion-resistant and high-hardness.
The oil groove must be machined for the inclined roof. The inclined roof seat is generally used or hardened to-degree. Since the inclined roof seat is subjected to an impact load, it should not be too hard or it will break, and chamfer all the inclined corners. And it is refrigerated and shaped in the cavity
Therefore, in order to prevent the occurrence of such safety accidents, operators should always observe the flexibility of the structure, and drag the smoothness and calibration to prevent it.
9. All core mold raw materials and mold blank levels must be purchased according to the order information or the technical standards formally determined during the whole process of designing approval.