Mold processing method


Injection molds are usually molded in batches during pr […]

Injection molds are usually molded in batches during processing. Therefore, we attach great importance to the methods and processes of mold injection molding technicians. If the mold is not processed according to the specified requirements, the injection mold will be damaged. To this end, We introduces the mold injection process analysis for everyone:

1, the raw materials generally do not need to be dried, in individual cases baked at 80 ° C for 2 hours;

2, the molding temperature range is large, heating melting and solidification speed is fast, so the molding cycle is generally short; temperature parameter: the barrel temperature is about 200 °C, the material temperature is too high to produce silver, and the material temperature is too low, the transparency is poor;

3, mold temperature control: mold temperature is generally 50-80 ° C;

4, GPPS has good fluidity, beer does not need high pressure (usually injection pressure of about 10Mpa), so as not to increase the stress in the plastic sheet - may cause cracking (especially after the coating process);

5, the injection speed is high enough to weaken the water mark of the clip, but the injection speed is affected by the injection pressure, and the high speed may cause the punch or dead corner such as the sticking mold and the top white top crack;

6, appropriate back pressure: If the back pressure is too low, the screw rotation easily overflows into the air, the barrel particle density is small, the plasticization effect is poor, affecting the appearance quality of the plastic parts (generally, the back pressure is 10-20kg / cm2); g ) 0.8-1.0mm.h) Glass fiber reinforced PS-GF30, barrel temperature 180-275 ° C, mold temperature 20-80 ° C, molding shrinkage 0.1-0.2, density 1.29 / cm3.