Mold processing flow and precautions


Process flow layout 1. Bottom processing, processing vo […]

Process flow layout
1. Bottom processing, processing volume;
2. The benchmark of the casting blank is corrected, and the 2D and 3D surface balances are introspected;
3, 2D, 3D surface roughing, non-device non-task plane processing (including safe platform surface, buffer device surface, platen plane, side reference surface);
4. Before semi-finishing, the accuracy of the side reference surface ensures accuracy;
5, semi-finished 2D, 3D profile, finishing all kinds of equipment task surface (including the limit block device surface and contact surface, the insert device surface and the back surface, the punch device surface, the waste cutter device surface and the reverse surface , spring device surface and contact surface, various stroke limit task surface, wedge device surface and back surface), semi-finishing various types of guide surface, guide hole, leaving the remaining precision machining process reference hole and height reference surface, and record data;
6. Check and check the processing accuracy;
7. The setting operation of the fitter;
8. Before the finishing process, the reference hole of the process reference hole is corrected, and the remaining amount of the insert is reflected;
9, finishing surface 2D, 3D, side punching surface and hole position, finishing process reference hole and height reference, finishing guide surface and guide hole;
10. Check and check the processing accuracy.
Second, pay attention to matters
1. The process is concise and expressive, and the processing content is numerically expressed as much as possible;
2. The key points of processing are difficult, and the process should be specially emphasized;
3, the demand for combined processing, the process is clear;
4. When the insert needs to be processed by itself, pay attention to the process requirements for processing accuracy;
5. After the combined processing, the inlay parts that need to be processed by themselves are combined with the benchmark requirements for the processing of the process equipment alone.
6. The spring is the most easily damaged in the mold processing, so choose a mold spring with a long life.