Mold manufacturing acceptance criteria


To manufacture a set of molds that can be called tall, […]

To manufacture a set of molds that can be called tall, we must not only have a superb mold design level and precise processing technology, but also have a precise mold development concept. What is the concept of precision mold development? Many people disagree, why do they think they have made so many molds without precision concept? In fact, the mold does not depend on how much it does, but on whether your mold development pursues excellence in detail and whether you pursue reliable standards. This process must not allow the concept of "almost".

Mold appearance:The mold nameplate is complete, the characters are clear, and the arrangement is neat.
The nameplate should be fixed on the die foot near the template and reference angle. The nameplate is firmly fixed and not easy to peel off.The plastic water nozzle should be used for the cooling water nozzle, and the customer has other requirements as required.The cooling water nozzle should not protrude from the surface of the mold base.

Mold material and hardness:Mold mold base should use standard mold base that meets the standards.Mold forming parts and casting system (core, moving fixed insert, movable insert, shunt cone, push rod, gate sleeve) are made of materials with performance higher than 40Cr.When molding plastics that are easy to corrode the mold, the molded parts should be made of

Ejection, reset, pull-in, insert:Ejection should be smooth, no jamming, and no abnormal sound.The inclined top surface should be polished, and the inclined top surface is lower than the core surface.An oil tank should be provided for the sliding parts, and the surface should be nitrided. The surface hardness after treatment should be HV700 or higher.All ejectors should be non-rotating and each ejector should be numbered.