Injection molding molds can not be ignored in the injection molding process


First, ignore the manufacturing of injection molds, not […]

First, ignore the manufacturing of injection molds, not just product design.

Some users focus on product development and development when developing products or new products, ignoring communication with injection mold manufacturing equipment. Determining the product design for the first time.

Contacting the mold manufacturer in advance has two benefits.

1. Due to the good molding process and difficult processing, the design will not be changed.

2, mold manufacturers can be prepared in advance to avoid rushing discomfort during construction.

3, closely match the supply and demand, produce high-quality injection molds, ultimately reducing costs and shortening the cycle.

Second, you need to consider all aspects of quality, cycle and service, not just price.

1. There are many types of molds, which can be divided into 10 categories. According to the material of the part, physical and chemical properties, mechanical strength, dimensional accuracy, surface roughness, service life, economy, etc.

Various molds are selected for various requirements.

2, high-precision molds should be processed with high-precision CNC machine tools, mold materials and molding processes have strict requirements, must use CAD, CAE, CAM mold technology

Line design and analysis.

3, some parts have special requirements for molding, the mold must use hot runner, gas-assisted molding, nitrogen bottle and other advanced technology.

Solution processing capabilities to combine management levels, processing experience and technical strength.

Third, try one-stop injection molding of mold production and product processing to avoid long-term cooperation.

1. It is not always possible to place a qualified product using a qualified mold (black test piece). Mainly related to machine tool selection of parts, molding process (forming temperature, into

Type time, etc.) and the technical quality of the operator.

2, have a good mold and have a good molding process, it is best to work together to avoid long-term cooperation. If the conditions are not met, it is necessary to choose negative

The parties to the responsibility are clearly written when ordering the contract.