A PP CRISPER MOULD is used to make plastic products

Summary: A PP CRISPER MOULD is used to make plastic products. The plastic injection crisper mould is made of P20 steel. It has ...
A PP CRISPER MOULD is used to make plastic products. The plastic injection crisper mould is made of P20 steel. It has a life span of 500,000 shots. The design & program software used to make the mould is Cimatron and Catia. Its main features include non-toxic material, easy to clean and release the ice pop stick. The PP CRISPER MOULD is non-toxic and safe to use.
A Non-toxic PP Crisper Mold is an effective way to avoid food contamination and mold growth. Its 100% food grade silicone construction makes it tasteless and non-toxic, and its airtight lid is designed to prevent leakage and moisture absorption. The mold-proof crisper mold is easy to store in a refrigerator, and it collapses for compact storage. Suitable for leftovers, this mold doesn't contain any oil, which makes it a safe alternative for keeping food in the refrigerator.
A study was conducted to determine whether crisper packaging inhibits the growth of F. velutipes. The results indicated that the PP plastic used to pack the product inhibited the accumulation of lignin, decreased cellulose and pectin content, and affected the expression of enzymes involved in lignification and softening. The combination of both methods had the best inhibitory effect.
The best way to choose a non-toxic PP Crisper Mold is to look for those made of stainless steel, since it won't leech substances into the product. Also, stainless steel is much more eco-friendly than other plastic molds. One problem with metal popsicle molds is that they are difficult to handle when they're first taken out of the freezer, and they can get your finger stuck. Plastic molds are safer to handle for younger children.
Easy to release ice pop stick from the mold
When it comes to preparing delicious popsicles at home, you can never go wrong with a high-quality silicone ice pop mold. They are easy to release and feature no sharp edges, making them perfect for making homemade popsicles. You can choose from 6 different flavors and enjoy making them in your own home! Not only are they convenient to use, they also make clean-up a breeze.
Pop molds don't have to be a must-have kitchen accessory, and many home cooks can function without them. However, they are especially useful for summer entertaining, particularly with kids and overheated party guests. So, what are you waiting for? Check out these great kitchen tools and make a fun party! They will make your next party a hit! So, get ready to entertain your guests and celebrate summer in style.
Pop Molds hold 2 ounces of ice in each pop and are small enough for kids to handle. They are dishwasher-safe and easily release the sticks from the PP cracker molds. You can also use the molds for ice pops with a silicone stick. This ice pop mold is easy to clean and can be thrown away if it's not working.