How to clean die casting mold


In mold maintenance, mold cleaning is a very critical p […]

In mold maintenance, mold cleaning is a very critical process, and this work is a factor restricting mold maintenance. Since the speed of mold manufacturing and development is much faster than the speed of mold cleaning, and after the mold is cleaned, it is necessary to prepare for the next production immediately, so it is not good to leave a time for mold cleaning. This is the case in many factories. Die-casting molds waiting to be cleaned in the corridors and workshops fill up the work space in the workshop. Some companies reset the mold without cleaning after the end of production and put it into production again. After a long time, it will become a habit. Only when it is found that the mold is damaged or the residual material in the mold affects the quality of the parts produced. It will be cleaned only when it is time, and most of the cleansing at this time are simply cleansing and passing by.

Usually, the factory will hire some technicians or apprentices to do the chores of cleaning the molds and templates, and then the maintenance technicians will check the molds. However, due to the inexperience of the staff cleaning the molds, they will be washed away when cleaning the molds and templates. The magnetic track mark on the mold will bring difficulties to the maintenance of the mold and the replacement of parts.

Although the cleaning of the mold does not require experienced technicians to do it, but if some inexperienced or inexperienced personnel are responsible for the cleaning of the mold, this is a bit of a lack of consideration, because there are many things that need to be paid attention to in the mold cleaning process. However, inexperienced personnel will cause some damage to the mold during the process of cleaning the mold, which increases the difficulty of mold maintenance, thereby greatly increasing the budget for mold maintenance. And these situations are often caused by the habit of simple cleaning, so that after a long time, it is impossible to understand the specific situation of the mold.

Standardized cleaning procedures

When cleaning the mold, it is necessary to develop a mold cleaning plan.

When cleaning different parts of the mold (including: internal cleaning of the press, edge wiping, regular cleaning, and main part cleaning), different cleaning methods should also be used, so as to better achieve the goal of "cost-effectiveness".

After the mold has been running for a period of time, and after the appearance test of electroplating wear, magnetic track marking, mold residue content in the vent and non-vent area, etc., technicians can determine the procedure and frequency of mold cleaning through visual inspection, so , It is very important to understand the cycle of mold operation, and to archive the observation report of the accumulation of residue and wear inside the mold.

Since die-casting molds have operating cycles, all die-casting molds should have related maintenance procedures and maintenance cycle records. Generally, it is necessary to understand and control the oil level inside the mold, gear broaching, sliding block, internal shaft pins and bushings and other moving parts in order to make the mold run better and ensure stable production.