Digital transformation of mold design and manufacturing


The economic situation is complicated, but Huangyan Mou […]

The economic situation is complicated, but Huangyan Mould has bucked the trend. In the first 10 months of this year, the industry's output value increased by more than 16%. "Since 2009, Huangyan Mould has maintained double-digit growth for a long time."

In Huangyan, the "Hometown of Chinese Moulds", more and more companies are moving towards digitalization. 62 standard mold companies invest more than 1 billion yuan in research and development funds each year, and the district government has set up a special fund for the transformation and upgrading of the mold industry in Huangyan. At present, the digitization rate of the whole process of design and manufacturing in the local mold industry has reached 80%.

In a clean and tidy workshop like a hotel, a few workers manage rows of machines... which subverts people's original view of mold manufacturing companies. With equipment and technology upgrades, this company has achieved digital and intelligent transformation, and its products have successfully entered the high-precision food preform mold manufacturing field controlled by world giants, with an annual output value increase of more than 50%.

The application of high-gloss and traceless technology for one-time molding of lamps is a problem in the world's injection mold industry. Today, this problem has been successfully solved by our company. "The development of this technology is behind the company's full digitalization and automated transformation." Relying on computer networks, rapid mold prototyping, independent database development and other technologies, the company adopts accurate digital technology in the design, manufacturing and management processes, which greatly improves Improve design and manufacturing capacity and efficiency. "

With the digital design and manufacturing of molds and the application of enterprise information management technology, the company's mold manufacturing has become increasingly sophisticated. Its manufacturing molds and production are one of the few in China.

As one of the first provincial-level industrial design bases in our province, the Huangyan District Molding Industry Design Base is accelerating the digital upgrade of mold and plastic product design. The base service scope includes mold design, product design and development, testing, rapid prototyping, database and multimedia, etc. So far, the settled industrial design units have served more than 300 small and medium-sized enterprises in the region, which has effectively promoted the extension of the Huangyan molding industry from traditional processing and manufacturing to digital design.