Development direction of automobile stamping die design industry


1 Development status of China's mold design industry Al […]

1 Development status of China's mold design industry
Although China's development level in recent years has achieved some achievements, the domestic mold design industry has also cooperated with many foreign companies, the mold level has been further improved, and many molds are exported at home and abroad, but the development level of China's mold design industry is There is still a large gap between the national level, especially the mold design level, there are still many deficiencies, China's mold design industry needs to recognize the current situation and find their own deficiencies, so as to better development. The content to be perfected in China's mold design industry is mainly reflected in the following aspects: the technical level of designers needs to be improved; more design experience needs to be accumulated; the management level in the mold design process needs to be improved; the scientific and rationality of the mold design structure is also It needs to be paid attention to; the science and technology of automation are not widely used, and the construction of automation needs to be strengthened; the standardization and standardization of mold design also need to be further strengthened [1].


2 The development direction and trend of the mold design industry

2.1 Promotion and application of new materials
In the current development situation, many brand cars use new materials in the manufacturing process. The more commonly used materials are aluminum alloy plates and carbon fiber. In the future car manufacturing, there will be more new materials applied to them. . Many domestic brands of vehicles have applied aluminum alloy stamping, such as Audi, JEEP, etc., and some independent brands are developing and researching such new material stamping. The application of new materials is a New development direction. During the application of aluminum alloy stamping, due to the special properties of the material, there is a big difference between the performance of the original material and the manufacturing process and design process need to be adjusted in accordance with the actual situation [2].

2.2 Strengthen intelligent construction, simplify processes, and reduce stamping costs
During the continuous development of the stamping die design industry, the applied equipment, design level and efficiency have been significantly improved. Then the molds used need to follow the market development form to strengthen the development of information, automation and intelligence. Improve the reliability of the mold in practical applications [3]. The mold must have two capabilities in the application process. On the one hand, it must have the function of sensing the quality of the material. On the other hand, the standardization of the composition of each component must be checked to ensure that the overall manufacturing level of the mold meets the application requirements. . Reducing the cost of mold design and application is the main goal of the industry in the development process. To achieve this goal, designers need to pay attention to this issue and start from the following aspects: combining multiple stamping processes to improve Production quality and efficiency, reduce the construction process; combine the actual needs of mold production, apply modern science and technology to it, improve the level of intelligence, reduce the construction of various types of production equipment, this can reduce capital investment in this area, thereby reducing design cost. As shown in Figure 1, it can be clearly seen that the automotive mold industry is on the rise.

2.3 Shorter manufacturing cycle
If you want to reduce the cost of application in mold manufacturing, you can study modern new materials and further explore heat treatment technology and surface treatment technology, which can reduce the application cost of materials to a certain extent and reduce the overall construction difficulty. It can also further improve the quality and efficiency of mold manufacturing. Research on materials such as air-cooled steel, gray cast iron, alloy cast iron, etc., and the promotion and application of TD treatment, die chrome plating and other technologies, which has a promoting effect on the development of the industry, not only reduces the cost of the manufacturing process, but also It also saves manufacturing time and shortens the manufacturing cycle. In addition, China's mold design industry needs to take a step and learn from foreign design experience if it wants to achieve more long-term development. A model will be produced in many different regions, which requires multiple copies of the mold. You can perform a full scan after the first mold debugging and use modern processing technology to copy the template for subsequent applications, which not only provides convenience for subsequent manufacturing, but also shortens the manufacturing cycle.