Cap Moulds Makes a Stylish Statement


Cap mould is a special type of cap manufacturing proces […]

Cap mould is a special type of cap manufacturing process that is usually done in a large scale industries or craft industry. The cap mould is a specialized molding method which helps in making a cap for bottles. Most of the cap moulds are manually operated machines and have a tapered body along with at least one curvilinear mold cavity. The most common cap mould is manually operated and called as T-mold. T-mold uses the traditional cap moulding method with some slight changes here and there.

The cap mould is divided into two major sections, i.e., threaded and cap-threaded. This division is done to provide sufficient leverage to unscrew and threading the caps. Threaded cap moulds: The threaded cap mould is an advanced design of cap mould; it has a tapered side. This type of cap mould offers high strength and durability.

The cap mould is used for making bottle cap and also reusable grocery bag. As reusable grocery bags are large volume products, companies are using this type of plastic mould for producing cap for every single bag produced. In producing the reusable grocery bag, companies are using the cap moulding method for producing cap in various shapes like triangle cap, cylindrical cap and circle cap. The reusable grocery bag mold is manufactured with closed cell polyethylene plastic material which can be used for producing cap in different thickness. Most of the times, manufacturers are using cap moulding technique to manufacture plastic bottles which are attached to cap stands with the help of double sided tape.

Two kinds of cap moulds are available in the market: threaded and cap-threaded. Threaded plastic cap mould is used for manufacturing reusable grocery bag. In this mould, end of each sticky strip is attached on to the stem of the cap. Threaded plastic cap mould can be easily unscrewed when caps are removed from the stand.

Scissor cap mould is also called as screw cap or tear off cap. In this mould, the plastic cap is fastened to the cap stand and the head can be quickly removed by unscrewing the cap head. It is considered as one of the best options for producing caps with different shape and size. Large numbers of manufacturers are using the screw cap moulds for producing caps with different size, colour and texture. They are available in different thickness, which help the manufacturers to produce cap moulds according to the requirements of the clients.

Two types of cap molds are available for unscrewing purpose: cap-threaded and cap-molded. Threaded cap molds are available for fastening the caps with the help of double side tape. Threaded cap molds are very reliable and provide high quality products at low cost. They are widely used for making caps with smooth surface and high resistance to wear and tear.

Apart from the cap moulds, bottle with flip top cap molds are also used for making cap holders. As cap holders require cap moulds with smooth surface, manufacturers provide a range of designs for cap moulding using tear off cap moulding. They offer customized cap holders according to personal preferences. These bottles with flip tops are gaining popularity among consumers due to their unique appearance and durable nature. Many companies offer different closure systems including bottle cap closures moulded using tear off cap moulding.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a rigid polymer that's been used extensively for packaging in the food service industry. Though it's a popular material for many applications, its use is restricted to tarpaulins and other specialized packaging. Nowadays many companies are producing plastic products in HDPE and using various processes such as cavity filling, adhesives or stitching, heat transfer or vacuum injection for forming cap and closure molds. With a complete range of cap and hdpe mould design and accessories, companies can produce effective packaging and warehousing products.