About the cleaning method for the rapid color change of the hot runner of the PET preform


PET is one of the most common plastics used in preform […]

PET is one of the most common plastics used in preform processing. Its characteristic is that it is cheap, but at the same time it is basically incompatible with other plastics, so it is difficult to clean it with ordinary plastics or screw cleaners.

Injection molding machines are generally used to produce preforms. Most of the time, it will be 1 out of 24, 1 out of 36, and larger ones have 1 out of 144 and other different specifications of molds. The common point of this type of mold is that there is a hot runner, while the preform is The colors are very rich, including dark yellow, dark blue, green, and pearly colors, and more importantly, there must be transparency. When these materials are interchanged, it is normal for the hot runner to be difficult to clean.

After the preform mold is used for a certain period of time, there will be a lot of scale in the mold waterway and the manipulator waterway, which will bring great difficulties to the production. At present, the processing method of many companies is to send the mold back to the manufacturer for processing. A set of 96 and 144 molds only needs 3 people to treat the scale on the waterway, and it takes 1-2 days to clean it up.

Under normal circumstances, the mold waterway will deposit 1-1.5mm thick scale and rust after running for a heating period, and correspondingly reduce the temperature in the waterway by 3-6 degrees, and areas with poor water quality are more serious. If the pipeline cannot be effectively cleaned for a long time, on the one hand, the water flow will decrease and the flow rate will slow down, and the mold temperature will also drop significantly; on the other hand, it will cause the waterway embolism, which cannot be dredged, and cause the mold waterway to operate. Ineffective, irreversible. Therefore, the mold waterway generally needs to be cleaned once every six months to ensure the normal operation of the mold waterway system.

In order to solve this problem, the Xusheng team has developed a systematic preform mold water cleaning program after countless days and nights. Here I will introduce the preform mold water cleaning program for everyone.

According to this feature, there is a special PET screw cleaning agent on the market. This cleaning agent can be blended with PET and then directly molded and cleaned through the hot runner. Its unique features are:

1. Will not cause color mixing to the subsequent transparent PET

2. Direct molding and cleaning, no waste of labor, simple to use

3. No abrasive, especially suitable for hot runner

4. Thorough cleaning, short cleaning time

Suggested product: CSimpleC-AL water channel terminator + cleaning agent will not cause corrosion to any parts of the mold, such as cleaning the mold waterway for 1 hour every month, it can prevent the mold waterway from scale and corrosion, which can greatly improve production efficiency.