Frequently Asked Questions

For any problems or feedback from the customers,we will reply patiently and meticulously in time.
We’ll take time to deal with each issue, no matter how mundane it may appear to you.

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1. How long can I receive your reply after I send my inquiry?

We will reply you within 12 hours on workday.

2. Are you a manufacturer or a trade company?

We are a mold factory with more than 20 years experience in manufacturing.

3. What is the material of your mold?

Our template uses P20 (preharden), core type cavity screw with S316

4. What products can you provide?

We mainly produce preform mold, bottle cap mold, blow mold and daily necessities mold.

5. Can you provide custom products?

You can provide samples, drawings or demand, we can create the needed mold. And we have a wealth of experience in profiled preforms.

6. How’s your production capacity?

Our company has a full set of mold processing machine equipment, all processing processes are controlled by company, with the latest and most advanced processing technology.

7. How many employees do you have?

We have about 100 employees, including over 20 technicians engineers.

8. How can you ensure your product quality?

First, ensure the quality of raw materials. Second, we will conduct appropriate test to each parts after every processing program. Third, we will send customers to confirm after final inspection of samples. Fourth, before packing, we will carry out t...

9. Payment?

We will confirm the payment with you when quoting. Regularly, our offer is FOB, require 30% advance payment. After customers confirm that the subject sample is qualified and pay the balance, we will load shipping. Accepted payment methods T / T, L / ...

10. What’s your delivery method?

We are generally shipped by sea and land, depending on your country's location. We are only five hours journey from the port of Ningbo port and Shanghai port, shipping is very convenient.

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