Superiority Of Hengxin Cap Mould

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Superiority Of Hengxin Cap Mould

16 May 2018

The current application of hengxin cap mould is relatively extensive. In our daily lives, it is widely used in many packaging industries such as edible oils, beverages, confectionery, medicine, etc. It has high quality, energy saving, high efficiency...

Composition Of Hengxin Injection Mold

13 May 2018

Injection mold is a tool for producing plastic products; it is also a tool that gives the complete structure and precise dimensions of plastic products. Injection molding is a processing method used in the mass production of certain complex shapes. S...

The Application Area Of Injection Moulding

09 May 2018

Injection molds are important process equipment for the production of various industrial products. With the rapid development of the plastics industry and the promotion and application of plastic products in the aviation, aerospace, electronics, mach...

Thermal Balance Control is Crucial for Injection Mold

04 May 2018

The heat balance of the injection mold controls the heat transfer of the injection molding machine and the mold is the key to the production of injection molded parts. Inside the mold, heat from plastics (such as thermoplastics) is transferred by hea...

The Development Trend of Injection Mold

26 Apr 2018

According to statistics, 70% of rough machining and 50% of precision machining of industrial parts under current conditions are accomplished by injection mold. The most important thing is that about 90% of the parts used in everyday household applian...

Maintaining Injection Mould For Extended Life

22 Apr 2018

The purpose of maintenance: to enable the equipment to maintain the best performance and prolong life, to ensure the normal production. The main points of maintenance: 1. To pay attention to the surface maintenance of the mold, that is, the appearanc...

Polishing Method Of The China Mould

19 Apr 2018

There are two main purposes of polishing the China mould . One is to increase the brightness and appearance of the plastic mold. The second is to make the mold easy to release. In the process of polishing, the rough surface of the cavity of the machi...

Pay Attention To Peeling Of The PET Mould

10 Apr 2018

Most of the mold companies will choose the hot runner valve gate for the preform mold, which is pneumatically controlled, and there will be no tail on the preform, which saves more labor costs. Valve gating system performance is also more stable. It ...

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