Bottle Mould Can Not Be Ignored

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Bottle Mould Can Not Be Ignored

15 Mar 2018

In the plastic bottle packaging market, people's impressions are often concerned about the blowing machine. The quality of the bottle blowing machine seems to affect the quality of the plastic bottle. This is something everyone agrees with. However, ...

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Plastic Bottle Mould application and technology

14 Mar 2018

The facilities we provide can provide 100-200 plastic prototypes. This is achieved by using a low cost temporary molding tool that can perform about 200 presses. In the Plastic Bottle Mould design process, we will generate a mold flow analysis report...

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Metal Injection Mold Makes Up For Some Defects

13 Mar 2018

Metal Injection Mold is produced by the powder metallurgy process used to make metal parts. Although the metal injection mold uses powder metal, it is completely different from the traditional powder metal processing. Metal powders for metal injectio...

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PET Preform Mould Enterprise Professionally Manufactures

10 Mar 2018

Pet-mould have strong ability to make plastic moulds for cap mould, PET Preform Mould, and bottle mould. A professional manufacturer of PET preform mould, blow mould and bottle cap mould. Pet-mould is devoting itself to make high quality moulds for P...

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Seal The Pet Mould To Isolate Mildew

08 Mar 2018

There is no doubt that quick response and effective containment can help significantly reduce the size and cost of mold losses. Isolation is the content of containment. You sealed the moldy infected room with a plastic film so the PET mould could not...

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Blow Mould Considers The Characteristics Of The Material

06 Mar 2018

Blow Mould can be formed of hollow plastic. It involves a series of processes, including the production of hollow materials from thermoplastics. It has three main types, extrusion, injection and stretch blow molding. The whole process begins when the...

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Mould Maker Is An Expert On The Mold

01 Mar 2018

The manufacture of the mold makes it conform to the exact requirements of the product. The material used to make the product is then added by any necessary means and, once it is set, the mold is removed. It usually involves casting and it is a skille...

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China PET Mould Designing Services

28 Feb 2018

Zhejiang Taizhou Huangyan Hengxin Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd. offer complete range of high quality and reliable PET Mould for pet bottle at very competitive price. These are extensively used in the manufacturing of jars, cans, Plastic bottles and o...

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