Blow molds are very important to reduce costs


In the past, we have talked about it many times, for a […]

In the past, we have talked about it many times, for a plastic bottle manufacturer, the blowing mold is a very expensive item. The cost price of a plastic bottle, quotation, a big factor is to see whether to open the mold (open a new blowing mold). Because once it involves opening a new blow mold, it will cost tens of thousands of dollars, and these costs can only be recovered through the production of new plastic bottles.

Now, the price of a new bottle blowing mold is basically maintained at tens of thousands of yuan, because the need for very good steel makes the price very expensive. How to reduce the cost of blowing molds is actually very important for the entire plastic bottle production industry and even the entire packaging industry. Because the investment price of production equipment such as bottle blowing machines is fixed, and the bottle blowing mold needs to invest every time a new package is opened. If the cost of blowing molds can be reduced, it will naturally make manufacturers more abundant in plastic bottle packaging varieties and lower procurement costs.

For how to reduce the cost of blowing molds, it is obviously an idea to find lower cost blowing mold making materials. It is very important to reduce the price and maintain the original performance of the original blowing mold.

As an indispensable equipment for bottle blowing, bottle blowing molds have not formed a balanced development, and are currently mainly concentrated in Huangyan, Taizhou. Many domestic plastic bottle manufacturers need to purchase blow molds from Huangyan. This is for plastic bottle manufacturers, especially those in the northeast and northwest of the country when they need to travel a long distance. As the product that the manufacturer needs to use when opening the mold, the frequency of replacement and purchase of the bottle blowing mold is much higher than that of the bottle blowing machine. Some plastic bottle manufacturers have a prescribed delivery time after receiving the order. If you need to deliver in a short period of time, you need to buy the blow mold quickly. Under this circumstance, there is no blowing mold manufacturer nearby, which poses a big problem for plastic bottle manufacturers. This is also an urgent problem to be solved in the domestic bottle blowing mold industry.