Commodity Mould

Hengxin offers commodity mould manufacturing. Commodity mould is a full service manufacturer of plastic parts and rigid packaging using injection molding and extrusion blow molding technologies. Keeping our synchronization with the development taking place in this industry, we are engrossed in delivering a broad range of Commodity mould.



- Plastic spoon, knife and fork
- PP insulation lunch box
- Hanger
- Plastic box
- Trash can
- Washbasin
- Injection molded daily necessities


1. Using 718, s136, 2316, 4cr13, 3cr13 and other different steel according to customer needs.
2. Provide samples or three-dimensional drawings, you can arrange for manufacturing.
3. Hot and cold runner is decided according to the nature of materials and customer needs.
4. Guaranteed minimum injection molds 500,000-1,000,000 times.
5. Applicable materials: PP, PA, ABS, PET, PC, PE, HDPE, PA66 + GF, PVC, TPE, etc.

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