Two Blow Moulding Techniques For The Plastic Bottle Mould

27 Feb 2018

Blow Moulding is used in all countries in the world to pack beverages. Since the beverage industry is a huge industry, the global demand for bottle molds has been very high. This, in turn, means that the bottle mold machinery department is busy and buyers are always looking for old and new machines.

In general, there are two blow molding technologies in (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle mould designs, as well as their blow molding comparison in preform press molding. Blow molding technology basically takes advantage of the thermoplastic properties of PET to give shape to thermoplastics. The procedure can be injection blow molding or stretch blow molding. Well-known injection stretch blow molding and extrusion stretch blow molding processes, injection blow molding technology is quite easy to control in the PET preform industry molding process and is more efficient than extrusion molding and more Less defects and waste methods.

Divided into two broad categories, a wide range of bottle mould designs are considered world-wide demanding, quality and cost-effective. One is a pressure bottle, such as a carbonated beverage bottle, and the other is a non-pressure bottle, such as tea, oil and a filling bottle. It has been noticed that the blow molding machine has also been automated as the technology and production scale of the molding industry in India progress. In fact, equipment production capacity has also increased by about a year from previous manufacturing records. Thousands of bottles per hour to thousands of bottles per hour. In addition, the original manual tasks handled by push-button development have been overhauled by computer systems, greatly reducing the difficulties encountered in process operations and increasing the stability and stability of the program.

Bottle mould process through its blow molding system affects the environment and environment, and several other important factors. Highly dependent on the positive and negative advantages, PET preform materials and forming processes should be selected with the utmost care and attention. Based on the experimental results, the similar viscosity of PET preform molding material (imported material rather than domestic trade molding compound) may require a unique blow molding technique. The main requirement for preformed materials is that they are clear, pure and free of impurities and do not have a different color Aura around the injection point and length of the relevant point.

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