The Application Of Cap Molding Is More Extensive

05 Dec 2017

The current application of Cap Molding is more extensive. In our daily life, it is widely used in many packaging industries such as edible oil, beverage, candy, medicine and so on. It has the characteristics of high quality, energy saving, high efficiency and long service life. What is the advantage of cap mould? Caps have a more complete and uniform quality standards and caliber parameters, so that the production of caps is relatively standard. It can be said blowing mold determines the shape of the plastic bottle, preform largely determines the quality of plastic bottles, the importance of the plastic bottle needless to say.

In addition, the bottle cap mould selection of the world's leading two-level double-taper positioning skills, each cavity independently self-locking to ensure mold concentricity, excellent cold system to achieve high efficiency water-cooled at room temperature, but also cut free gate, reducing labor intensity, Die life of at least 3 million times die.

We all know that plastic molds are for a single product to talk about. Different plastic products, it developed plastic mold will be different, and sometimes even the same plastic products, using different requirements, so that we processed out of the plastic mold will be different. Only from the plastic material considerations, the plastic mold will have the following impact.

Different plastics will have different shrinkage, which when we consider the plastic mold processing, we should pay attention to the plastic mold shrinkage problems. Before we open the plastic mold, we must determine the mold shrinkage, otherwise easily lead to mold scrapped. Especially large plastic mold.

We are in the processing of plastic mold, the choice of mold steel, we must first understand the type of plastic. For example, we often use nylon plastic, it is corrosive, and then we choose the mold steel, it is necessary to consider using stainless steel mold steel. If we use highly transparent PC plastic, we have to choose the high polishing performance of the mold steel, such as 2738 and other materials.

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