Hengxin Plastic Bottle Mould Application and Technology

14 Mar 2018

The facilities we provide can provide 100-200 plastic prototypes. This is achieved by using a low cost temporary molding tool that can perform about 200 presses.

In the Plastic Bottle Mould design process, we will generate a mold flow analysis report so that we can optimize the mold design.

As a product's performance. We are very cautious about choosing mold construction materials that can withstand wear for one year. Most of the molds we make use steel that is hardened to 60+ Rc. These are not always the easiest materials to use, but they are necessary for many years and years to mold flashless tight tolerance parts.

When designing molds, we focused on keeping the molds compact. This increases part accuracy and minimizes molding-related changes.

China Mold provides a new blow molding technology that allows PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles and containers to be weight-reduced, saving packaging and shipping costs. China's Graham may say that 'because of the recent rise in plastic resin prices, they have introduced this new technology, which reflects the rise in oil costs. The food industry has been measuring their packaging because new technology allows them. This can be seen in paper and cans and plastic containers. This is also to save costs. Our blow molding technology makes PET bottles lighter and does not change design or performance. On average, we save about 30% in weight and save customers 20% in cost. This is achieved by removing excess plastic, which does not require structural strength, but maintains it in areas that require plastic to support product integrity. We can perform this technology on all PET bottles and containers and our test samples have been well received by our customers. Chinese molds will continue to bring value to our products to support our customers' efforts to increase their market share.

We are now offering the latest plastic technology printing. We can print directly on plastic so that we don't need a label that will burn out quickly. Print directly to plastic to get a very professional image and immediately make any product look more expensive.

Regardless of the shape, size and texture of the material surface, PAD printing can be printed on plastic. We provide 4 color quality pad printing and laser etching on irregular, curved, uneven, textured and flat surfaces. The pad can wrap 180° around the small object itself, and the ink coverage is excellent.

Our quality assurance department uses the most advanced measurement equipment and process monitoring technology to ensure the best product integrity and customer satisfaction. Our capabilities include size and color measurement, raw material and finished product testing, statistical process control (SPC), PPAP, DOE, and other continuous improvement technologies. Plastic Bottle Mould plans to ensure continuous training for all employees in various job-related disciplines. This training is an important part of our continuous improvement of all aspects of our operations.

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