PET Preform Mould Manufacturer in China

19 Feb 2018

Hengxin PET Mould is a well known professional PET Preform Mould Manufacturer in China, we have very advance PET molding technologies could offer you professional pet molding solutions. Pet-mould has an experienced design team and technical team could be your strong supporter to order pet moulding solution to set up a new pet mouldings line or improve pet mould technologies.

Welcome to contact us for Pet-mould technical support! The client approached Pet-mould with a specific need – making a mould for the advanced plastic cap solution.

The mould construction started with the in-house analysis and prototyping of the plastic closure. Closure was extremely difficult to make, due to its specifics: double internal thread (thread for pourer & canister), tear off system, temper evident, engraving and other functional attributes.

Plastic injection mold, mould design for plastic bottle cap and plastic product on

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