Hengxin PET Mould Design Layout

15 Nov 2017

We are a devoted PET mould, preform mould, PET bottle mould manufacturer and maker in huangyan,China. We have more then 20 years experience in PET Mould.

Now I will show you about PET Mould design layout:

First, Water Cooling Technique

Unique layout of water cooling Channels help to make the cycle time short . And each the water channels was in particularly processed to hinder them from jam;

Second, Off-center Correction Technique

Off-center Correction Technique can make the difference of preform’s wall thickness less than 0.006cm. While this system does not affect the duration of PET mould life;

Third.Self-locking Technique

Worldwide state-of-the-art bi-axls fixed alignment and self-locked arrangement was put into practice on our PET preform mould.

Fourth, Hot Runner System

The PET preform mould undertakes Pin-valve sort of Hot Runner System Technique , this kind of hot runner system is effective in reducing part’s wear & tear degree and preservation cost, and also lower 10%~15% electric power;

Fifth, Heating Technique

Dual Heating And Cooling can make certain that effects of heating and cooling are great and quality management is trustworthy. The Heating coil unit allows nozzles be kept with constant temperature. The Heater System is employed to heat the hot runner plate with long life and effective heating capability.

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